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Välkommen till Arjeplogs kommun


Coordinates: 66°02′N 17°57′E

• Total    14,494.09 km2 (5,596.20 sq mi)
• Land    12,556.77 km2 (4,848.20 sq mi)
• Water    1,937.32 km2 (748.00 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2021)
• Total    2,707
• Density    0.19/km2 (0.48/sq mi)

People lived in the area of today's municipality as early as 10,000 years ago, following the end of the last ice age. For a long time it was only populated by a fishing and hunting people, the Sami people, who have their own language and breed reindeer in northern Sweden, and today have special rights as a Swedish minority group.

The population in today's municipality was only a few hundred people in the 17th and 18th century, most of them Sami, and the rest of Sweden did not know much of them. Not until 1640 did Queen Christina of Sweden order a church to be built in order to Christianize the Sami people in Arjeplog. The church was inaugurated in 1642. At first the deceased were buried under the earthen floor in the church, but eventually the stench became unbearable and the procedure had to end.

The interest in Arjeplog had been sparked when silver was found in the area in the 1620s, and a mining industry was established there 1635–1659. It has been estimated that the amount of silver mined was 36 kilograms per year.

In August 1659, the Danes and Norwegians – who were in the Denmark–Norway union – attacked and burned down the mining village. The mining industry was then stalled for 120 years.

It was once again taken up in 1719, probably as a means of supporting the war of King Charles XII of Sweden. The mining was upheld until 1810, when the low profits, harsh climate and the long distances led to its closure. There are still remains from that time in the village Adolfström.

There are also several names in the area such as Silvervägen ("Silver Road") and Silversundet ("Silver Strait") reminding of its silver history. When a Sami museum was built in the town of Arjeplog in 1965, it was appropriately named Silvermuseet ("The Silver Museum"). It is filled with Sami photos and artifacts.

Arjeplog Municipality is Sweden's fourth largest municipality, but the fourth least populated. It is located by the shores of Lake Hornavan, Sweden's deepest lake and one of its largest. The municipality is popular because of the scenery of Lake Hornavan, but also of its other untouched nature.

Arjeplog Municipality consists of a terrain dominated by the Scandinavian Mountains and many water areas. It boasts an unparalleled 8,000 lakes and streams, with three main rivers, namely Pite River, Skellefte River and Lais River. Skellefte River attaches south from Lake Hornavan and extends southeast to Skellefteå and the Gulf of Bothnia on the east coast.

About 80 kilometres north of the town Arjeplog one finds the national parks Padjelanta and Sarek, both being situated in the western parts of Jokkmokk Municipality.

Arjeplog Municipality also has 13 nature reserves, mostly mountain moorland, where endangered plants grow. Mountain Galtispouda, with a height of 800 metres, is both a popular place of outlook, a nature reserve, and in the winter a popular place for skiing.

Good places to know


Brit Ingers Hantverk

Storgatan 13

Hand knitted Socks & Hats from norwegian wool
Jewelry and Decorations


GK's Fiske

Storgatan 19

In the well-stocked fishing shop you will find fishing equipment from all the major suppliers. They have everything you need for summer and winter fishing, even sea fishing.


Leon's Steakhouse

Drottninggatan 4

Lunch & Dinner

måndag                       11–14:30, 16–20

tisdag                           11–14:30, 16–20
onsdag                          11–14:30, 16–21
torsdag                        11–14:30, 16–20
fredag                                          11–21
lördag                                          12–21
söndag                                         12–21


Nanna's Kläder & annat

Storgatan 1a

Clothing store that sells women's, men's and children's clothing. They also sell jewelry, make-up and printing service.


Vilt Butik & Kafé

Torget 1


Game & other local food products

Coffee and Fika

måndag                                       10–16

tisdag                                           10–16

onsdag                                         10–16

torsdag                                        10–16

fredag                                         09–16

lördag                                           11–15

söndag                                      Stängt



The collections depict the history of the locality - from prehistoric times to the present. The lives of the Sami and the settlers are brought to life in various exhibitions.

måndag                                       12–16

tisdag                                           12–16
onsdag                                         12–16
torsdag                                        12–16
fredag                                          12–16
lördag                                          10–14
söndag                                      Stängt

Arjeplog, where nature's majesty meets human ingenuity, is a testament to the greatness of harmonious coexistence. Its pristine landscapes and automotive prowess intertwine, creating a symphony of awe-inspiring beauty and engineering excellence.

Tobias Westling

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