Northern Light –  one of nature´s wonder

Northern Light or Aurora Borealis as it´s also called is undoubtedly one of  nature´s wonder. Even if you can explain the light phenomenon nowadays, it´s still a magical thing that many people dream about and add to their bucket list.

The chances to see the northern light in Arjeplog and the north of Sweden are very good. The northern light usually occur during the winter months through late March or early April, but they can be spotted as early as September in the northernmost parts.

Your best chance of catching a glimpse of the northern lights is on cold winter nights when the sky is clear, dark with little to no moonlight, and cloudless. You need to be away from city lights, which dilute the effects of these natural phenomena, so head out into the countryside.

The northern lights are a light phenomenon that is formed when particle radiation from the sun comes into contact with the earth´s atmosphere. In connection with this, light comes in different colors depending on how far down the atmosphere the energy-rich cosmic particles reach. The northern light can change quickly. One moment it may be clear and visible in different colors, shortly afterwards, almost disappearing completely to come back again. The northern light can also be seen “dancing” across the sky.

View the magic from Hornavan Hotel or go out in the wilderness to enjoy the wonder by snowmobile, dog sledding or snowshoes. We´ll gladly help you organize such an activity.

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