Hot tubs

To end an adventurous day in a warm bath out in the open is an indescribable experience! Our hot tubs are located on the shore of Sweden´s deepest lake. The view over lake and peaks are more than magic. If you´re lucky you´ll see the northern lights dancing, swirling and sweeping across the sky.

The heat that rises from the water makes it pleasant to bathe even on the coldest winter days. It is warm and relaxing, whether the temperature drops to -5 ° or -35 ° C. The heat causes the body to relax, which leads to lower blood pressure, less stress hormones and peace and quiet in the soul. Something that is much needed in our stressful world.

The fire from the stove spreads a gentle tone that sounds wonderful and whose vibrations can be felt through the water.

Hot tubs are booked in advance, at +46 (0)961 777 100 or