The hotel is beautifully located on Lake Hornavan, Sweden's deepest lake. It is 226 meters deep and stretches 70km from Arjeplog's community to Jäkkvikk and has no less than 400 islands to proud of. Hornavan around is a nature experience in itself which creates many activities, summer and winter!


During the summer, it is perfect to take a day trip on one of many mountain peaks around the municipality. There are both short, light mountain peaks or why not a full day trip to Kungsleden? If you need a lunch package with you, just tell the reception or call ahead and book.


A visit to the Silver Museum is one of many must when you visit Arjeplog. There you will find out everything about the Sami silver jewelery, costumes, lifestyle and about Arjeplog's history.


Arjeplog consists of a matchless mountain world where you can find your own gems. Take the opportunity to fly a helicopter and see the magnificent scenery from above. Contact us well in advance and we will help you book!


The municipality has almost 8000 lakes to boast of and is a paradise for fishermen. Whether it's fly fishing, trolling or throwing rod, there are waterways of all varieties. Fishing licenses are available from the Tourist Office (Silvermuseet) and OKQ8.


Snowshoe Hiking

Hornavan Hotell

Trekking on snowshoes is a perfect way to explore nature close up in the winter! Now we can offer snowshoes and trekking poles for rent at the hotel.

The snowshoes brand is TSL 325 Rental and it´s a good and modern shoe for persons from 50 kilos up to 120 kilos and euro-sizes 37 – 50 (“normal shoes”). The shoes are easy and you move forward smoothly in the snow. It provides good carrying capacity, is smooth and easy to walk in all types of terrain, stable on the foot and has a system that provides extra good grip.

The binding is completely disengaged with only one attachment point at the front of the toe. This allows the snowshoe to get full flex in the movement. A metal bar at the heel area of the binding, can be raised or lowered. Raising the heel lift reduces calf fatigue on steeper ascents.

The grip consists of six well-positioned studs that provide a proper attachment to the snow.  The shape of the snowshoe is oval and it´s technically developed for achieving flexibility, great flotation and good grip.

The brand of the trekking poles is Gipron and the poles are adjustable in length and has a secure grip.

Price: 200 SEK / pair (snowshoes and trekking poles full day)

036 norrskenFX_edited.jpg

Northern Lights


Northern Light or Aurora Borealis as it´s also called is undoubtedly one of nature´s wonder. Even if you can explain the light phenomenon nowadays, it´s still a magical thing that many people dream about and add to their bucket list.

The chances to see the northern light in Arjeplog and the north of Sweden are very good. The northern light usually occur during the winter months through late March or early April, but they can be spotted as early as September in the northernmost parts.

Your best chance of catching a glimpse of the northern lights is on cold winter nights when the sky is clear, dark with little to no moonlight, and cloudless. You need to be away from city lights, which dilute the effects of these natural phenomena, so head out into the countryside.


The northern lights are a light phenomenon that is formed when particle radiation from the sun comes into contact with the earth´s atmosphere. In connection with this, light comes in different colors depending on how far down the atmosphere the energy-rich cosmic particles reach. The northern light can change quickly. One moment it may be clear and visible in different colors, shortly afterwards, almost disappearing completely to come back again. The northern light can also be seen “dancing” across the sky.

View the magic from Hornavan Hotel or go out in the wilderness to enjoy the wonder by snowmobile, dog sledding or snowshoes. We´ll gladly help you organize such an activity.


Downhill Skiing


Galtis resort is located on the mountain Galtispuoda, about 10 km from Hornavan Hotel. The mountain is enclosed with lakes 400 m.a.s.l., the base station 530 m.a.s.l. and the top of the mountain is located 800 m.a.s.l. which means a drop of 270 m. Thanks to the big difference in height between the lakes and the ski resort Galtis is known for seldom being cold!

Galtis is the perfect ski resort for both beginners and the more experienced, as it offers slopes in varying difficulty levels.

You can lease equipment for downhill skiing and they also have a restaurant where they serve simpler dishes.

For opening hours and prices click here.


Husky Tours

White Horizon

Husky Tours is a magical way to experience the snowy mountains together with your friends and family. Meet our Huskies who will take you through the beautiful landscape to the sound of eager paws across the snow.

Two hour tour with a break

On this tour you choose between sitting on a sled, take turns to drive the sled with your friend or drive by yourself.

Price: 1250 sek / 1p, 2200 sek / 2p (shared sled)

Days: Monday – Friday

All day tour (5 – 6 hours), lunch included

This tour is for you who are used to dogs and nature during winter. It´s a longer tour and you go through forests, on frozen seas and mountains. We have our lunch in the wilderness and time to cuddle and rest with the dogs for a while. We make short stops on the way to take photos and inform you about the wild animals.

Price 1 p: 2700 sek / 1p, 5000 sek / 2p (shared sled)

Days: Saturday – Sunday

Långviken 13, Mellanström, 30 min from Arjeplog,

Bring warm clothes, gloves, cap and warm boots




Arjeplog is known for its beautiful and untouched and amazing nature. You can find lots of nice nature trails and peaks for hiking. Join one of the world´s most famous hiking trails, the King´s Trail, bring your family or friends on a trip.


Akkelis 784 m.a.s.l.,

Pieljekaise 1138 m.a.s.l.

Sulitjelma 1908 m.a.s.l.

There are plenty of options! After an adventurous day you calm down in our relax with sauna and jacuzzi, before you fall asleep in a comfortable bed at your hotel room. Start your day with a tasty breakfast buffet, so you get the perfect start for another day of hiking. 


If you´re competetive, why not join the yearly competition “Top of Arjeplog”, which purpose is to climb as many peaks you can and want to during 1st of June – 30th of September. If you´ve climbed at least three peaks and hand in your registration card, you take part in a competition with nice prices.